FAMEMS'2021 ~ conference

Themes of the FAMEMS include following directions, but are not limited by them exclusively.
Any works with original ideas are welcomed which induce
application of mathematical and eventological methods in the most various areas.

  • Eventology of multivariate statistics
  • Eventology and mathematical eventology
  • Philosophical eventology and philosophy of probability
  • Practical eventology
  • Eventology of safety
  • Eventological economics and psychology
  • Mathematics in the humanities, socio-economic and natural sciences
  • Financial and actuarial mathematics
  • Multivariate statistical analysis
  • Multivariate complex analysis
  • Decision-making under risk and uncertainty
  • Risk measurement and risk models
  • Theory of fuzzy events and generalized theory of uncertainty
  • System analysis and events management

  • EEC'2021 ~ workshop on axiomatizating experience and chance, and Hilbert's sixth problem

    With topics from quantum physics, probability and believability to economics, sociology and psychology, the workshop will be intended for an interdisciplinary discussion on mathematical theories of experience and chance. Topics of discussion include the results, thoughts and ideas on axiomatization of the eventological theory of experience and chance in the framework of the decision of Hilbert sixth problem.

  • Eventology of experience and chance
  • Beleivability theory and statistics of experience
  • Probability theory and statistics of chance
  • Axiomatizing experience and chance

  • Abstracts, Papers, Sessions:
    during November~December, 2021
    via email: oyuvorobyev@gmail.com